We provide a speedy fix for GDPR violations

  1. CHECK: We will check your website for GDPR violations and get back to you with a list of issues to fix
  2. FIX: Within 24h we will fix your website without breaking analytics and marketing tools or guide your developer live via Zoom ()
    • Loading 3rd party analytics tools for European customers before getting consent
    • Incorrect cookie banner that breaks GDPR requirements
    • Loading fonts from the Google fonts site, etc...
  3. PAY: NO NEED TO PAY UP FRONT (The payment is €250-€700 depending on the working time spent)

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Meet your expert

Hello. My name is Yuli.

I’m on a journey to change the world with the privacy technology I am building!

I’m proud to be the founder of Privacybunker.io, a privacy automation service, and the driving force behind Databunker.org, a high-impact open-source data security project that has already earned an impressive 1,000 stars on GitHub.

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve been dedicated to building tools for security companies, with a focus on:

  • Ensuring data compliance
  • Enhancing network and data security
  • Leading DevOps and cloud security projects

I worked for major security vendors such as Checkpoint and RSA Security. I also founded a database security company called GreenSQL/Hexatier, which was acquired by Huawei, subsequently becoming an integral part of the Huawei cloud.

Feel free to connect with me anytime at yuli@privacybunker.io.

Together, let’s shape a more private and secure digital future!

Uri Fleyder-Kotler, Virtual CISO

I help companies with SOC2 and ISO27001 compliance. Privacybunker helps me to achieve cloud security compliance goals for my customers. I recommend Privacybunker to security and compliance professionals.

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