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Only GDPR report (ready in 1 min)

€20 One-time payment of €5

1 report
Website GDPR Report
👉 View sample reports: Bild.de, Buzzfeed.com
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Privacybunker Plus

€55/m First month €6, then €19/m

1 website
Unlimited GDPR reports
+ Lightweight GDPR badge
+ Expert-approved cookie banner
+ Privacy practitioner available on call
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Privacybunker Cloud

€228/m First month €8, then €79/m

1 AWS cloud account and 1 website
Same as Privacybunker Pro
Unlimited cloud reports
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We have trusted Privacybunker since their early days. Their GDPR scanner has always returned a more detailed report than any of the supposedly leading compliance vendors and on par with excellent support.

Chris Wain, Director CloudMax

Uri Fleyder-Kotler, Virtual CISO

I specialize in assisting companies with GDPR, SOC2 and ISO27001 compliance, Privacybunker is my go-to for achieving cloud security goals. I highly recommend it to fellow security and compliance professionals.

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