GDPR compliance for digital marketers

Detect and fix privacy violations to follow GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD

How it works?

01 Detect GDPR and cookie violations

As per our research, 80% of the websites have broken GDPR controls and are subject to hefty fines. Privacybunker provides a service that scans websites for GDPR violations and broken cookie banners. Within a minute we can tell you if your website has GDPR violations.

02 Fix and maintain GDPR compliance

We provide VIP service to fix your website from any violations found. Our team will fix it for you or will fix it with you. You will get a set of privacy tools to maintain website GDPR compliance. For example, we have connectors for popular tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, Marketo and more.

03 Improve conversion rate with our GDPR badge

This is a unique service at Privacybunker. Our customers get a short HTML code to display a GDPR badge on their websites. Get a GDPR badge to improve your website conversion rate.

Privacybunker vs OneTrust

Uri Fleyder-Kotler, IOthreat.COM founder

Privacybunker is the fastest way for us to reach European customers. It is hassle free and easy to set up.

Itamar Yona, PrintSys.AI founder

Super service for people like us who have start-ups. Easy to set up and it just works. I recommend Privacybunker to any startup founder.

Nadav Cornberg, Virdee.CO founder

The overall experience with Privacybunker is outstanding. It’s quick, simple, and professional. Although there were a few problems, the staff provided instant support and fixed the issue in no time.

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