GDPR Automation for Online Businesses

Today’s commercial websites are lead generation machines. They save customer PII on your website, in cloud CRM, newsletter service, online support, and more.

Your business is responsible for all the personal records collected.

PrivacyBunker is an online SaaS that gives your customers transparency and control over their personal records while providing peace of mind for you and your business.

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Immediate benefits

PrivacyBunker enables organizations to comply with GDPR, in a comprehensive, quick and simple way.

Minimize manual labor

The manual labor required to execute user GDPR requests costs time and money. It also increases the risk of human error, which leaves the company exposed to lawsuits.

A tool for Data Privacy Officer (DPO)

PrivacyBunker is your DPO’s one-stop-shop to effortlessly track and handle customer requests, including the right to be forgotten, through the use of automation, all in one centralized location.

Investing in privacy gives you a competitive edge

According to CISCO people are asking more questions about how their personal data is been used, and they now view privacy as an important component of a company’s brand.

Product testimonials

What users are saying about our product - GDPR privacy consultancy. helps companies with GDPR compliance. We have upgraded from a simple cookie popup that we had on our website to the service provided by This service has enabled us to achieve better results with our ISO compliance plans.

Deceptix - actionable cyber security

Deceptix detects online web attacks by creating online decoys. We use PrivacyBunker on our corporate website because it offers an effortless solution for tracking and handling customer privacy requests as well as cookie consent. - 3D Print with Confidence

PrintSyst uses artificial intelligence to improve 3D printing. In just a few days, the PrivacyBunker team built us a special plugin. They’re always very helpful.

GDPR user rights

PrivacyBunker SaaS will help you to comply with the following GDPR user rights

Right to be informed

Right of access

Right to rectification

Right to erasure

Right to restrict processing

Right of data portability

Right related to automated decision making including profiling

Right to object

How it works

User visibility

Cookie popup

Simple installation

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