Today’s organizations face the need for GDPR compliance in order to maintain their businesses and be relevant for the new generation of privacy-aware consumers. Privacybunker team builds a secure solution that gives your customer full control of their personal data allowing the companies to comply with privacy regulations in the most effective and simplest form. service highlights. service is built with strict privacy principles:

  1. Personal data protection by design and default.
  2. Encryption in motion and encryption in storage.
  3. Personal data minimization.
  4. Critical data segregation.
  5. Audit of sensitive operations.
  6. GDPR compliant logging.
  7. Many more techniques.

As an example, when a user fetches his records from one of the SaaS companies, for example from HubSpot or Mailchimp, Privacybunker does not save this result. Personal record extracted from SaaS is displayed to the user and removed from memory, complying with personal data minimization of the GDPR requirement.

In the backend, is using a hardened version of the open-source project built by the service author: