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Date: 15/11/2021 07:00:10


Client IP: (locate)

Following cookie banner violations are found

The 3rd party cookies that track the user without getting his explicit consent are detected.

Service Cookie name Value Severity

Potential violation with the 3rd party resources

During your website check, 0 3rd party resource(s) were found.

Why this is important?

Some services can track users using the cookies listed above.

Some services can track users using user IP address and browser information.

Private user information might be processed by the 3rd party services.

Example of processing operations: storage, analyses, logging, automated decision making, etc...

According to GDPR, the user needs to give explicit consent before personal data processing.

In addition, some of the 3rd party services might be located in the USA.

With the invalidation of EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework your user needs to give his explicit consent to transfer his personal data from the EU to the USA.

An example of personal data is IP address and browser information.

Service Type Url Severity

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