A curated list of European SAAS vendors

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As a startup founder, you need to think about the conversion rates. Better conversion rates mean better business.

If you want to target European customers, and you are using CRM service from Silicon Valley, you can not simply do it without notifying your potential customers.

Some privacy experts will tell you, it is enough to write about it in your privacy policy. Others will tell you to add a checkbox in the signup form. Your customers will have to click on that checkbox to confirm for their personal data to be processed by the CRM service from Silicone Valley.

Instead of asking for customer consent in one way or another, you have a simple solution. Stick with European cloud companies when choosing your CRM, or when choosing your email vendor. You will simplify your privacy policy and your legal obligations. This way you will avoid your customer’s personal data transfer out of the European Union. For example from Europe to the US.

We decided to build a curated list of European SAAS vendors for you to choose your next service vendor.

Many European companies listed here provide a limited free plan so it is great for early-stage companies.

You still need to list the services you use in your privacy policy.

Uncategorized services

Vendor Information
smt-to logo SMS.TO is easy to use SMS gateway. The service can send messages to WhatsApp and Viber messenger. The company is from Cyprus. It is easy for developers to start working with this service. The company offers a small signup bonus (less than 1 euro) to send out test SMS messages: https://sms.to/
bulkgate logo BulkGate is an SMS gateway supporting Viber. The company is registered in the Czech Republic: https://www.bulkgate.com/
crisp chat Crisp is an Online chat https://crisp.chat/. It is based in France. The basic version is for free.
Healthchecks Healthcheck is a cron job monitoring service. The service sets up a small script on your server that sends vital signals to the Helathcheck main server. This startup is from Latvia. https://healthchecks.io/
Vikunja Vikunja is an Open-Source, self-hosted To-Do list application. https://vikunja.io/
XWIKI Open source enterprise wiki service. https://www.xwiki.org/
Nextcloud Self-hosted content collaboration platform from Germany. https://nextcloud.com/
Databunker THIS IS OUR PROJECT. Open-source project used for secure storage of PII. When integrating this tool in you backend you can claim privacy-by-design compliance. https://databunker.org/

Cloud CRM companies and open-source CRM projects

Vendor Information
pipedrive CRM Pipedrive CRM - from Estonia. https://www.pipedrive.com/
capsule CRM Capsule CRM - from the UK. This service has plugins for Gmail and has a free plan for small guys. https://capsulecrm.com/
Really Simple Systems CRM Really Simple Systems CRM is from the UK. https://www.reallysimplesystems.com/
Suite CRM Suite CRM is an open-source project. You can deploy it on your cloud servers in the EU. https://suitecrm.com/
vtiger CRM Vtiger CRM is an open-source project. You can deploy it on your cloud servers in the EU. https://www.vtiger.com/open-source-crm/
Odoo Open Source ERP and CRM. https://www.odoo.com/

Business email services

Vendor Information
mailjet logo Mailjet is a French company. The company was sold to Mailgun (USA). It is a powerful email service provider. It provides an API and SMTP service to send emails as well as regular email marketing/newsletter services. An additional bonus: up to 6000 emails per month is for free: https://www.mailjet.com/
mailerlite logo Mailerlite is from Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a great email marketing and survey company. An additional bonus: up to 12000 emails per month is for free: https://www.mailerlite.com/
sensorpot logo An Ireland-based business-oriented email marketing and survey company. They provide an API for your service. The company recently launched a major privacy initiative called Do not track: https://sensorpro.net/dnt . An additional bonus: the freemium plan is free for up to 2,500 subscribers: https://sensorpro.net/
sendesco Sendesco is a Poland-based email marketing company. It also offers premium features for free, like no footer branding, unlimited segments, scheduling, automation, and more. https://sendesco.com/
retarus logo Retarus is an international business communication platform. Offers Email, fax, SMS, and EDI services. The company has a number of European offices and offices in the USA: https://www.retarus.com/
Runbox A secure email hosting service from Norway. https://runbox.com/
Tutanota A secure email hosting service from Germany. https://tutanota.com/
ProtonMail A well known secure email service from Switzerland. It provides a professional plan to host encrypted emails for your organization. https://protonmail.com/
Mailbox E-mail, cloud storage, video conferences from Germany. https://mailbox.org/
Mailfence Secure business email service from Belgium. https://mailfence.com/
Servermx Secure business email service from Sardinia, Italy. https://www.servermx.com/

Hosting companies

Vendor Information
TransIP STACK is a cloud hosting service provided by TransIP. This company also offers VPS hosting and domain registration. The company is from the Netherlands. No free plans but cheap and plenty of connectivity and configuration options. https://www.transip.nl/
Webbplatsen Swedish ISP/Hosting company founded in 1998. The companies offers managed hosting of a number of open source projects like WordPress, GitLab, etc… https://webbplatsen.se/
OVHcloud Cloud server hosting, dedicated servers, etc… from France. https://www.ovh.ie/
GleSys GleSYS is a hosting company from Sweden. The company also offer real metal/dedicated servers and co-location. https://glesys.com/
UpCloud Effortless global cloud infrastructure for SMBs from Finland. https://upcloud.com/

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