How Privacy Can Supercharge Your Conversion Rates

Privacybunker.IO Founder

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Achieving a better conversion rate is an ultimate goal for every business. Today I want to uncover one tactic that can bring you additional business. It is connected with privacy as we are selling privacy automation tools here at Privacybunker.

I will start with our product story. One of the tools we build for companies is a GDPR Widget. This tool can automatically execute user privacy requests.

Originally we thought about offering this widget to big companies. We started looking for justifications to sell this service.

We found strong evidence that this or similar tools can attract more customers.

  1. According to this CISCO report, the vast majority (82%) of organizations view privacy certifications as a buying factor. With our GDPR Widget you can visualize your privacy compliance. It will turn more visitors into customers for you.

More facts:

💰 How to save on compliance costs? According to Gartner Security and Risk Survey, on average, the cost of manually fulfilling a user’s privacy request is $1,400. Our widget can connect to various cloud services such as HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, different databases, etc… It can create personal data reports for your customers in seconds and execute other user enquiries for pennies for your business.


Additional service highlights:

✔️ NO TIME NEEDED. Install it on your website in 5 minutes, and never worry about it again!

✔️ IT’S DAMN CHEAP. The best price for a small website is just €48 per month!

✔️ IT’S RISK FREE FOR YOU. Our team will help you with installation!

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