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10 Most Common Questions We Are Getting


  1. Who is exempt from GDPR compliance when using cloud services?
  2. How does GDPR’s right to erasure apply when using cloud services?
  3. Does GDPR apply to businesses operating in or processing data from India?
  4. How to record customer data processing activity when using cloud services?
  5. Should I encrypt customer data to ensure GDPR compliance when using cloud services?
  6. What is GDPR consent, and how can businesses collect and manage it when using cloud services?
  7. Do I need to comply with GDPR if I’m using a cloud service provider for my business operations?
  8. What are the GDPR rules that I, as a business owner, should be aware of when using cloud services?
  9. What are the steps that my small business should take to become GDPR compliant while using cloud services?
  10. Can customer records be stored in a data center located in the United States while still complying with GDPR?


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