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Video: How to prevent GDPR fines when using Google Analytics?

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This video is full of practical advice on GDPR compliance:


  1. Why should you care about GDPR and Google Analytics? Why is GDPR relevant for small companies and startups?
  2. How to check your website for privacy violations without any special tools?
  3. What is the Cloud Act and how does it relate to GDPR violations?

Meet your expert

Hello. My name is Yuli.

I’m on a journey to change the world with the privacy technology I am building!

I’m proud to be the founder of Privacybunker.io, a privacy automation service, and the driving force behind Databunker.org, a high-impact open-source data security initiative that has already garnered an impressive 1,000 stars on GitHub.

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve been dedicated to building tools for security companies, with a focus on:

  • Ensuring data compliance
  • Enhancing network and data security
  • Leading DevOps and cloud security projects

I worked for major security vendors such as Checkpoint and RSA Security. I also founded a database security company called GreenSQL/Hexatier, which was acquired by Huawei, subsequently becoming an integral part of the Huawei cloud.

Feel free to connect with me anytime at yuli@privacybunker.io.

Together, let’s shape a more private and secure digital future!

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