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What’s the catch?

Privacybunker is the most cost-effective GDPR compliance solution for your corporate website. Though you should take into account that Privacybunker alone cannot turn your whole business to be fully GDPR compliant. That’s since every business is unique and we at Privacybunker cannot know how exactly you process your customer’s personal data in your internal systems.

In addition to the Privacybunker SaaS offering we do have other products thats ensure GDPR compliance for internal systems.

The best practice is to pseudonymize your customer’s data. To keep your business updated by GDPR, you are welcome to check an open-source Databunker tool or alternatively, get it’s paid version, called Databunker Pro.
Keeping logs of operations with personal data is one of the GDPR requirements. For that we offer you our open-source solution - Databunker or a commercial product - Databunker Pro.
If you store personal data in your internal system or use your own CRM, Privacybunker cannot make sure that the data is protected. However, we do offer you a solution. You can use the open-source Databunker tool or our commercial product called Databunker Pro.

Practical GDPR compliance for Startup Founders

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